Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home Portable Air Conditioner: EdgeStar High Velocity Portable Air Cooler Fan with Humidifier

Home Portable Air Conditioner: EdgeStar High Velocity Portable Air Cooler Fan with Humidifier

Product Description
The EdgeStar High Velocity Portable Air Cooler (model EAC421) is the most powerful, best cooling portable air cooler for home use on the market today. Don't confuse it with smaller air coolers - this is the only air cooler we have seen that boasts the power to provide relief from the heat for an entire room (up to about 250 square feet, based on our product tests). How does the EdgeStar High Velocity Air Cooler perform so much better than the competition? The secret is two-fold: EdgeStar teamed a powerful (yet quiet) state-of-the-art centrifugal fan with an Australian-made honeycomb water curtain. The honeycomb water curtain allows more water circulation with less resistance to airflow, and the centrifugal fan gently and powerfully "throws" a jet of air up to 25 feet - the longest air throw in the category! Don't confuse this portable air cooler with other models on the market - the EdgeStar EAC421 portable air cooler offers features and value that the competition can't match.

Product Features
    * 3 fan speeds (plus 'sleep' setting) allow you to customize the cooling power
    * Up to 25' air throw- the furthest air throw in its class
    * Powerful and quiet high performance centrifugal fan provides up to 900 CFM airflow- the highest CFM rating in its class
    * Operates as a portable cooler, fan, and humidifier
    * Tested to provide relief from the heat in rooms of up to 250 square feet

5-Star Customer Review
"This cooler works great! I bought it for my husband to use in our 2-car garage. We're in Sacramento where most of the summer is in the 90s, with plenty of 100+ degree days. He works on cars so he has to leave the large garage door open for ventilation. Cooling the garage with such a large open area is definitely above and beyond what this is designed/expected to do, but I thought it was worth a try.

We've been impressed at just how well it works. According to the temperature gun it's typically about 10-15 degrees cooler than the outside air (depending on humidity and how long the cooler's been running). It works even better with ice in the reservoir, which drops the temperature another 10 or so degrees. There have been days when the garage is actually cooler than the house, thanks to this cooler.

Normally we use the "swing" setting to cool the whole garage, and it works well. On extra hot days, it works great to turn off the "swing" and point the fan directly at you.

The only downside is that it's very noisy. The noise doesn't matter in the garage, but in the house it's pretty noticable. We tried sleeping one night using the cooler to save on A/C costs. It was nice and cool, but the noise drove me crazy. The fan noise was fine on low, but the water dripping kept me awake. If you're a sound sleeper and/or like the dripping water sound it might be fine.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone in a dry climate who's looking for a relatively inexpensive cooling solution, especially if noise is not a factor."


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