Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home Portable Air Conditioner: Soleus Air® 7000 BTU Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner

Home Portable Air Conditioner: Soleus Air® 7000 BTU Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner

Product Description
Soleus Air 7,000 BTU Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner keeps your bedroom cool and saves you money! Stay cool and dry for less. Enjoy big savings on this Soleus Air Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner that is also a dehumidifier and fan. For convenience, it moves from room to room on casters. Plus, it vents with a single hose, so it requires no window mounting. Don't miss this deal! Take a look: 7,000 BTU air conditioner keeps you cool and comfortable; 50-pint evaporative dehumidifier removes dampness; 3-speed fan with oscillation for better circulation; Adjustable and 24-hour programmable thermostat (64 to 90 degrees F range); Dual motor and Smart Chip technology; Remote control for convenience; Loss of power protection with auto restart; A great choice for cool relief! Order Today! Soleus Air 7,000 BTU Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner

Product Features
    * Perfect for personal use - cool, dehumidify or circulate the air in your space
    * Colorful, easy to read display shows all functions - can also be controlled by remote
    * Oscillating three speed fan that can be used independantly of the air conditioning or dehumidifying
    * Power loss protection, automatic restart and built in timer that recalls your preferred settings
    * Set your favorite temperatures and times or choose the Auto-Mode setting to maximize comfort

Customer Review

The unit cools well. It is small and easy to move.


The dehumidifier is fairly noisy and it runs when the unit is in dehumidifier mode or in air conditioner mode. The compressor (which only runs in air conditioning mode) is very quiet as is the fan. I would not use this unit in a bedroom.

Installing the exhaust hose was a bit difficult as the hose did not have any end coverings and was a tight fit into the widow and air conditioner connectors.

The window slider kit is easy to install but the height is too small. The slider is only a little bit bigger that the opening for the window exhaust adapter. With the adapter in the slider does not sit on the bottom of the window frame. In my window there is a half-inch gap between the bottom of the slider and the bottom of the window frame that has to be filled in.

BTW, the instructions for removing the unit from the packaging material and box require you to destroy both so there isn't any way to repack the unit if you need to ship it back."


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