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Home Portable Air Conditioner: Haier 12,000 Portable Air Conditioner

Home Portable Air Conditioner: Haier 12,000 Portable Air Conditioner

Product Description
Portable Air Conditioners Type: Portable Air Conditioner BTU Rating: 12000 AMP Rating: 10.5 Wattage: 1200 Voltage: 115 Width: 19-11/16 Height: 33-1/4 Depth: 15-3/4

Product Features
    * 12K Portable AC, w LCD Remote, Dual-Hose, 24 hr timer, 3 cool/fan speed, dehumidify function

A Review
"I have two of the Haier 12,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioners, each with a heater and three speeds. Have been using them for three seasons and really like them. It takes less than 15 minutes to snap hoses on connectors, place in window, add foam strip to prevent air & bugs from coming in. No heavy lifting! I suggest putting some no odor silicone spray [food grade from Amazon or Grainger Industrial Supply] or Armor All which has some silicone in it, on the parts that snap together. It makes it easier next season to put on and remove the hoses too. Also, run a bead of silicone sealant around the tiny space between the hose connector that fits into window adapter. No air or bugs can get in that way. I'm writing almost everything that isn't in the owner's manual.

Fortunately there are two collapsible 5 ft (1.5 M) tubes/hoses--one for air intake and one for heat & humidity exhaust. Note: one tube portable ac units are much less efficient than this Haier and draw hot, outside air in thru cracks or openings somewhere in your home or apartment. They also take longer to cool than this two hose ac. Haier did it right with this product. One improvement needed is a 24 hour timer instead of the 12 hr one at present.

If it is very humid often (59% INside!) this Haier unit may occasionally require draining from a plug in the back near the bottom into a flat pan. I usually wheel the unit on its easily movable casters to the top of stairs; then, put a pan on the next step down; untwist the drain plug and let the water fill the pan. Otherwise, you need to use a flat, two inch high pan to collect the water. Although we have 88%+ humidity here in the Northeast, my draining of the water has been usually limited to at the end of the season. Some humidity does blow out the exhaust hose. One thing: the window adapter fits windows up to 36 inches. One of my windows is 38" which means I have to fill in the extra space with cardboard or foam. The D.I.Y.'er might get some longer plastic, heat-bend it and make it fit better. We have double-hung windows (lift up &/or pull top one down) with screens & storm windows (insulates somewhat in winter). I set the window adapter with snap-on/off hoses to blow through the screen. It adds some security as the storm window is locked in place above the screen opening. You should put a bolt locking device (see locksmith or hardware store) above or beside the opening to prevent a thief from opening your window from the outside. It should be instantly openable in case of fire and need to escape.

Don't expect a portable AC to do as well as an in the window or wall unit. 12,000 btu portable AC = about 8,000 btu in a window/wall Air Conditioner (by experience). And, it will not get as cold. Although I measured the temperature (digitally) coming out of the unit at 61 degrees F (16 degrees C) it will not make the air in the room as cold as a regular air conditioner. The heater setting for the cooler or cold winter isn't worth the money. Better is a $20.00 ceramic heater with fan from one of the stores or Amazon. I don't use the built-in heater as it doesn't produce much heat and is noisier than the ceramic one. The unit has a setting to use alone as a dehumidifier, However, a separate 40+ pint (19+ liter) a day dehumidifier is a better choice. I use one of those in our basement with a 15 foot garden hose attached to the drain plug. Without a dehumidifier things get mildew, smelly and moldy with 70% humidity. A word to the wise!

If you live in some dry areas of the country, a "Swamp Cooler" (love that name) is the item for you. It cools by evaporation of water and adds the humidity to the air. Others may prefer a central air conditioner with the addition of an in-room humidifier for those desert areas of the country. Remember that a humidifier in the winter (used October thru May, in Northeast USA) prevents dry & cracked skin, cracked wooden furniture, needless coughing. And, if you get a cold/flu or pneumonia, it makes it much easier on your lungs, pain, energy [coughing lowers energy], let alone skin. A humidifier even helps keep a piano in tune longer. Add a air purifier with fan & filter for best results. Those ozone units are bad for your health; but, that is another review to write! The Haier remote works fine, although its buttons aren't clearly labeled as to what each does. Save your owner's manual in a zip bag. At the end of the season remove the hoses and cover your Haier with a large plastic bag to keep the dust off/out. Hope that helps you."

Home Portable Air Conditioner: Haier 12,000 Portable Air Conditioner

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